The Quire - West End

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360° Panorama ©Explore St Paul's Cathedral
360° Panorama

The Quire is the major part of the eastern arm of the Cathedral. It's so called because this is the place where the Cathedral Choir sings. The choir stalls on each side, which they occupy during services, are the work of the Grinling Gibbons workshop, designed by Gibbons in close consultation with Wren. Throughout, the main structure is of oak, and the applied carvings are in limewood. High up on either side you can see through to the saucer-domed roofs of the North and South Quire Aisles, with their rich mosaics.
In terms of worship, the Quire is the 'engineroom' of the Cathedral. When St Paul's was first built, the congregation would have sat in the Quire while the rest of the Cathedral would simply have been a public thoroughfare. Today, Evensong is sung here daily as part of the Cathedral's ceaseless rhythm of worship.