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The American Memorial Chapel

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This casket, which stands behind the Cathedral's High Altar, and faces the altar of the American Memorial Chapel contains the red leather Book of Remembrance...

consisting of 500 illuminated manuscript pages, which list the names of the 28,000 Americans based in Britain, who lost their lives in the Second World War.

The book is very richly illuminated...

here we see the Tree of Life, a splendid, spreading oak, with the arms of America, Canada and Great Britain. In the inset on the left-hand page, the spirit of the dead rises to Heaven, with the palm of victory in his hand. Along the bottom of the illustration, an army sets out from Washington on the left, and on the right is seen arriving at London.

The book is bound in rich red leather, inset with a gilded and embossed figure of Winged Victory, bearing a sword.