The Organ

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The organ, in its original form was made in the mid 1690's by the man usually called 'Father' Smith, but whose real name was Bernard Schmidt, and who moved to Charles II's London from Halle in Germany.

He was responsible for magnificent organs in many of the Great churches of England.

When first installed the organ stood on top of the screen which then divided the Quire from the crossing. In 1860 there was a movement to take away this screen and open up the interior view from west to east, and as a result the organ was placed to the north of the Quire. This arrangement lasted for only twelve years.

In 1872 the organ case was divided in two, and the two halves were placed as we see them now.

At about the same time, the lower parts were refashioned into two internal porches to cover the north and South Transept doors.