Jean Tijou

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Jean Tijou, who was active from around 1689 to 1712, was an ironworker born in France, but known only for his work in England, notably his contribution to St Paul's.

"Tijou was a french artist in metal of whom Wren had heard and to engage whom, he went over to Paris himself. The ironwork gates and grilles in the Quire, the railing of the Geometrical Staircase of the West Gallery, and of the four Galleries in the Dome, are the monuments of his exquisite genius."
- W.M. Sinclair, 'Memorials of St Paul's Cathedral'

The most spectacular example of his work here is the North and South Choir Screens - though they were in fact made up (with later additions) in the 1890's from work which Tijou originally created for the old Choir Screen. Additional material was provided by Bodley and Garner, who were responsible for the new arrangement.

Tijou's original Altar rails were refashioned in the later 19th century to divide off the Quire from the Great Circle under the Dome.

The wrought-iron panels which he supplied for the backs of the Choir Stalls are fine and inventive:

The whole creation of the Choir Stalls was a fruitful collaboration between Tijou and Gibbons, under the firm control of Wren.