Historical Events in St Paul's

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St Paul's has a long tradition as a special focus of great national events of many different kinds.

Already in Queen Anne's reign it saw a series of Thanksgivings for various of the Duke of Marlborough's victories.

On April 25th, 1789, there took place a very different Thanksgiving, for King George III for his recovery from serious illness - a temporary recovery, as it turned out.

As early as 1713 the Charity Children of London - some thousands of them - attended a service of Thanksgiving under the Dome. This became an annual event until the practice was ended after the 1870's rearrangement of the Quire.

Nelson's magnificent funeral established a precedent...

this was followed by the State Funeral of the Duke of Wellington in 1852, preparations took place at break-neck speed and were completed just in time.

The funeral procession was immensely long, and the whole event was enormously impressive to the huge congregation and the vast crowds which lined the funeral route.

The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897 was again marked by a grand procession, witnessed by enthusiastic crowds.

Admission to the Cathedral was by ticket...

this view of the West End of St Paul's shows people crowding onto the rooftops to witness the occasion.