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The American Memorial Chapel
The Construction of the Dome
The Dome - Decorative scheme
Samuel Johnson, 'Dr Johnson'
George Washington
The Great Fire of London
Grinling Gibbons
Historical Events in St Paul's Cathedral
Inigo Jones
Jean Tijou
Horatio Herbert Kitchener, Lord Kitchener

The Light of the World
Mosaics in the Quire
Monument to Lord Nelson
The Tomb of Lord Nelson
Old St Paul's Cathedral
The Organ
Roll of Honour
The Font
Triforum Level - The Great Model
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Monument to the Duke of Wellington
Tomb of the Duke of Wellington
Whispering Gallery
New St Paul's: Wren's commission
Sir Christopher Wren



The Nave - The Vestibule, Great West Door
The Nave
The Great Circle under the Dome
The Quire - West End
The Quire - High Altar
The Apse - American Memorial Chapel
The Quire - High Altar
The North Transept - West Side
The Great Circle - Northern Edge
The South Transept - East Side
The Great Circle - Southern Edge
South Aisle - Central Bay
St Dunstan's Chapel
St Paul's Cathedral - The West Front
The Crypt - Northwest of Nelson's Tomb
The Cathedral Treasury
The Crypt - East of Nelson's Tomb
The Crypt - South Side of Wellington Tomb
The Chapel of St Faith
The Crypt - OBE Chapel Southeast Side
The Crypt - Nelson's Tomb
Triforum Level - The Great Model
The Golden Gallery Roof